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Blume is designed to enable a great work/life balance

Our townhome lofts and offices are inspired by the mixed-use and walkable downtown of Blume’s first location, Shawnee, Kansas’ European Sister-City – which also can be found here in North Kansas City. 

As many people learned during the pandemic, working from home can be convenient but at times, it can be hard to separate work life from home life. At Blume you can be close, but separate.  


Blume NKC’s vertical mixed-use townhomes provide street-level commercial spaces between 600–800 square feet, with private access, storefront visibility, and a one, two or three-bedroom home above available to lease or own. And, right outside your door, you can have a bicycle track, an on-site bike share and repair station, green spaces and so much more.  


The ground floor commercial spaces can be used for a variety of offices or retail uses allowing small businesses a storefront in the heart of a bustling neighborhood. 


Blume NKC also hosts two 6,000 SF commercial buildings that anchor our unique walkable community.

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Floor plans
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This isn’t suburban living

The suburbs were developed for cars. Cities are designed for people.

Most European cities, and many U.S. cities were designed before the advent of the car. For daily life, traditionally people walked places. To the market. To your job. To your family and friends’. While ‘walkability’ is often positioned as a modern idea, it’s actually deeply rooted in the past. The Blume product line embraces the best of these New Urbanist principles. 


Blume NKC will break ground in fall 2023 and be available for occupancy in 2024.

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Want more information?

Reach out to us to learn more about Blume and its properties.

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