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Welcome to Blume

We’re excited to share an approach to live/work that has created vibrant communities around the world, but is new to Kansas City. 

At Blume, you can lease your home, your office, or both in one of our vertical mixed-use townhomes with work space on the ground floor and your home above. The concept was inspired by sister-cities in Europe, where families ran storefront businesses on the ground floor and lived above.  Blume Shawnee is now leasing commercial and/or residential units and Blume North Kansas City is breaking ground in the fall of 2023.


Blume Shawnee

Blume Shawnee is in the heart of historic Downtown Shawnee, walkable to breweries, cafes, theater, retail, restaurants and more.


Blume NKC

Blume NKC was designed to allow creativity to blossom and provide a live/work option unlike anything seen before in the Kansas City area.


Our Next Location

Interested in bringing Blume to your community? We'd love to connect to learn more about your neighborhood and share more about Blume.

What is a VMU Townhome?

Short for vertical mixed-use, this type of development is a tale as old as time. Nearly.


VMU development allows for a combination of different uses within the same building. Typically, the lower floors contain commercial businesses while the upper floors are reserved for private uses, in this case, living.

In the U.S., walkable development patterns are significantly lacking and in some cases missing entirely, therefore, development is more spread out and typically designed for car owners. 

However, in other parts of the world with higher density, especially Europe, VMU townhomes are much more common. 

The concept encourages human connection, walkability, lively streets, and can create economic benefits for both owners and renters.

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Envisioned by BoxDevCo

The Blume concept was created by BoxDevCo, who believes that real estate development requires being equal parts a student of what came before us, and a predictor of what is to come.

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